The new VAD1 BMW G80 M3 G82 G83 M4 CARBON FIBER Front Splitter by VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE

Red bmw g82 m4 vad1 carbon fiber front splitter left side

From the very start of VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE, it was always a goal and an ambition to establish our own aerodynamic styling parts line. Now, after 5 years of supplying high-quality aftermarket BMW & MERCEDES-BENZ carbon fiber parts to the automotive community and thousands of satisfied customers, we can say that we finally did it! Please welcome the new VAD1 carbon fiber front splitter for the BMW G80 M3 and BMW G82/G83 M4!


When the 2020 BMW M3 and 2021 BMW M4 were introduced to the world it was welcomed by the public with mixed reactions. Most of the negative emotions were, of course, regarding the massive grilles and the whole aesthetics of the front. We took this as a challenge. Thanks to our in-house 3D scanning equipment, we were able to 3D scan a BMW G82 M4 and begin developing the VAD1 front splitter. This technology allowed us to ensure precise fitment with every VAD1 BMW G82 front splitter manufactured.

This 3-piece VAD1 front splitter was designed with an aggressive middle part as the centerpiece and a set of subtle corner splitters to compliment the middle part. The BMW G80 M3 / BMW G82 M4 is as excellent of a track car, as it is on the streets, therefore the main emphasis of the VAD1 design was to make the front splitter look and feel functional. Below you can see the first 3D rendered images of the VAD 1 carbon fiber front splitter.


The BMW G80 front splitter is available in prepreg (dry carbon fiber) or wet carbon fiber. Prepreg carbon fiber is the current standard when it comes to new carbon fiber styling part releases. Keeping that in mind, we decided to make the G80 M3 front lip more accessible by also manufacturing it in wet carbon fiber.

Prepreg carbon fiber is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a premium product. Prepreg has been utilized in the motorsport industry for 40 years already and just recently was introduced to the general car scene. Dry carbon fiber is a significantly more durable and 60% lighter material than its wet carbon fiber counterpart. To finish it off, the prepreg carbon fiber superiorly enhances the cosmetic appearance of the front splitter for the G80 BMW.

Wet carbon fiber, on the other hand, is an ideal high-quality alternative for the dry carbon variant. It is a much more budget-friendly option, which makes it a smart purchase for people not willing to spend a fortune on their front. Another feature of wet carbon is that it has a UV-protected gel-coat outer layer, which provides longevity and resistance to all weather conditions.


This brings us to the official reveal of the VAD1 carbon fiber front lip. First of all, we would like to say thank you to Stefano from Switzerland for equipping our front splitter on his individual “Aventurine Red” BMW G82 M4. Without the rare-colored M4, we wouldn’t be able to showcase the perfect combination, which is this car and our VAD1 front splitter. Take a look yourself!

You can complete the BMW M3 G80 body kit with our front piece and supplement the sides and the back with the BMW G8X PERFORMANCE style carbon fiber side skirt extensions and the rear diffuser. We are currently developing a VAD1 carbon fiber rear diffuser, which will go hand in hand with our front piece.

There you have it! Our first take is with a different type of front splitter, which is ready to shake up the market from the get-go. If you’re looking for more BMW G80 modifications or want to spice up your BMW G82 M4 check out our store, where new items are added constantly!

Thank you to all our customers and people, who have been helping us grow all this time. We couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s to another 5 years of supplying high-quality styling parts to the automotive community!