“It has all started with a passion for the love of our vehicles.”

Vehicle modification is a lifestyle which came from a necessity to express your personality and allows you to stand out from the everyday crowd. We knew that there is a wider enthusiast community, that appreciates every moment spent on their vehicle modification, just like us. An idea which became an opportunity to help people like us to get their hands on a quality product for affordable price has emerged.


Founded in 2017, VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE already made a strong footprint in automotive body styling world with its carbon fiber products. Greatest appreciation of our work is too see our clients enjoying the process and their overall satisfaction with the outcome of the upgraded vehicles.

Whether it is an online sale or booking in our workshop, we use our experience and expertise to provide outstanding customer service with a personal touch about the passion we are all in.

Our mission

To supply quality carbon fiber body styling components and assist the client along the modification phase. Currently, we cover a wide range of BMW vehicles, however constantly strive to expand our portfolio. We would like to make sure, that while combining our skills and knowledge of the existing product, that MERCEDES and PORSCHE owners would be supplied with the quality carbon fiber products they deserve.


We work with manufacturing partners directly which allows us to be hands on involved in product development, production and quality processes. Our material composition has been certified by TUV Austria that allows you to have confidence in our products.