VA Motorsports Prepreg CARBON FIBER Cold Air Intakes

Va motorsports prepreg carbon fiber cold air intakes

VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE is known for its premium carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and FRP styling items for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Our passion to chase perfection led to thousands of satisfied customers who were able to transform their everyday cars with our exterior and interior products. Having this type of reputation, we couldn’t have rushed the next step establishing a brand, which would be on the same level as our VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE styling range. Say hello to VA Motorsports! This is the name of our new performance-based brand ready to help you unleash the full potential of your vehicle!

We have established VA Motorsports, due to the lack of more affordable, yet high-quality performance products in the market. VA Motorsports would like to introduce you to the arguably most essential performance mod – carbon fiber cold air intake for BMW & MERCEDES-BENZ vehicles. It is manufactured using dry (prepreg) carbon, which is much lighter and more durable than regular wet carbon fiber. The added prepreg carbon fiber will also make your vehicle’s underhood a work of art and a game-changer in every car show you participate in. While the stylish look is an important factor; efficiency and maximizing the full potential of engines were the main focus when designing VA Motorsports cold air intakes. Moreover, the newest technologies such as CAD design ensure perfect hassle-free fitment.

With our prepreg carbon fiber cold air intakes, you can expect to gain up to 50% higher air volume and increase the performance of your vehicle’s engine up to 20 HP. Besides, by upgrading your vehicle’s cold air intake you will notice an increase in the responsiveness of your BMW or MERCEDES-BENZ engine. Ultimately, it is a relatively easy mod and doesn’t require any additional tuning, which makes it a perfect option to start improving your engine’s performance.

As our model car, we have selected the MERCEDES-BENZ W205 C63 AMG with our VA Motorsports carbon fiber cold air intake installed. Shout out to Ian for trusting us and representing us in Malta!

More news to come, stay tuned!