PORSCHE product range announcement + PORSCHE 911 997 Carrera 2S VA project car


A household car manufacturer, which is now synonymous with sports cars and race cars of the highest quality. However, it wasn’t without humble beginnings, that the company of 200 workers started producing the first PORSCHE model “356” in 1949. It was all done in a small garage, which produced 52 more vehicles that year. Fast forward to today, PORSCHE produces around 300 thousand cars every year! As a matter of fact, PORSCHE only produces six models, which further confirms the fact that with any type of art, it takes time to master it. With that being said, we truly believe that this brand reflects our culture and values. We would like to announce, that VOGUE AUTOMOTIVE has launched its carbon fiber and FRP styling range for PORSCHE vehicles!

Our PORSCHE product range currently can offer you styling parts for the legendary PORSCHE 911, as well as, the stylish PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER | CAYMAN. With too many stock vehicles driving on the streets, it is a great way to add a personal touch to your PORSCHE and stand out from the everyday crowd. It depends on what sort of modification you are willing to do. If you’re looking to fully transform your PORSCHE 911 997, we would suggest getting the “PORSCHE 911 997 CARBON FIBER PD GT3 RS Style Rear Wing Boot Spoiler With Boot Lid”. If it’s a smaller modification that you’re interested in, we can offer carbon fiber spoilers, carbon fiber front splitters, or carbon fiber side fender trims, which will enhance the look of your PORSCHE.

You might have already noticed a vehicle in these pictures. This 2005 PORSCHE 911 997 3.8l Carrera 2S is our lockdown project car specifically modified for the launch of our PORSCHE product range. It is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing VA PD body kit which creates the perfect blend of a modern and a retro feel. The back of the 997 showcases the modern LED lights and VA PD GT3 RS decklid and boot spoiler which adds extra aggressiveness to the whole vehicle. Lastly, the 19” alloy wheels are equipped with VA MOTORSPORTS wheel spacers allowing the PORSCHE to finish off the sporty look.

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A huge shout out to @jackhughesphoto for the excellent photos and @directoressence for the crazy edit! Be sure to check them out on Instagram!